Andrew Granger: a specialist surveying practice based in the East Midlands


Node have produced a broad range of masterplans, design and access statements and landscape and visual impact assessments for residential site promoter Andrew Granger. These sites have varied in scape from large strategic greenfield sites through to small scale infill schemes, like this modest site in a heritage sensitive site in Wymeswold.

The site was located within a conservation area and its setting included a wide range of  highly significant listed buildings. A public right of way also ran through the site, providing a key connection from the village to the wider countryside.


Our masterplan focused on working with existing features, such as landscape assets and topography to ensure that the proposals assimilated naturally into their setting. We retained the public right of way on its existing trajectory and did not extend development beyond this point to minimise the potential for impact on the perceived rurality of the village.

We prepared a design, access and heritage statement to clearly demonstrate how the proposal could be developed in a manner that was highly sensitive to its historic setting. This was illustrated with a series of visuals which showed how we had considered the potential for impact on key views around the village within our design process.