Arbury Estate – One of the most iconic and influential locations in Nuneaton

Arbury Estate


We conducted a landscape and heritage sensitive appraisal of the special character of the Arbury Estate which includes a grade II* listed registered park and garden and a large collection of listed buildings, including grade I listed Arbury Hall in order to identify opportunities and constraints for the highly varied land within the estate. Through producing a land sensitivity plan, we were able to clearly visually identify the relative sensitivity of different parts of the estate and create a strong conceptual approach which recognised the special character of the estate with an emphasis on protecting built and landscape heritage.


Our work, which culminated in the creation of a strategic masterplan which identified the Arbury Estate’s preferred growth option, together with nodal points and strategic connections for mid and long term growth, allowed the estate to demonstrate how it could help to accommodate the housing and employment needs of Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council in a way that is sensitive to its heritage and landscape assets. This led to the area being allocated as a development site within the borough plan. In the future, more detailed work will be undertaken which will draw on our study and ensure that proposals evolve in a way that is sensitive to the heritage and landscape environment within the estate, creating a high quality environment for residents and visitors.