Zsofia Tarnai

Associate Director (Landscape)

Zsofia is our Associate Director for Landscape Architecture with over 20 years of experience in the profession. She has a strong track record of design and delivery of projects of various complexity and scale in educational, residential, local government, retail and custodial sectors. She is the member of the Wildlife Trust and an advocate for designing with wildlife in mind. She has a passion for developing sustainable and climate adaptable design solutions for any schemes.

Zsofia has been a chartered member of the Landscape Institute since 2009 and has been mentoring candidates on the Pathway to Chartership.

Favourite city and why?

Valencia. I first visited over a decade ago and I keep coming back every year. It is a place that offers something for everyone. Beach, world class architecture, rich heritage, sports, culture and nature. I discover something new every time.

To me the most fascinating part is Turia Gardens which is essentially the former river bed of the Turia. It was diverted south of the city after a devastating flood in 1957. Today it is one of the largest public parks in Spain, stretching over 9 kilometers, offering a huge array of activities and green spaces making it a prime example of great urban planning.

What do you do in your spare time?

Guerilla gardening. You might spot me on grass verges with my power planter and bags of bulbs. I also recently got into wildlife gardening and with a few very simple changes and features I attracted frogs, hedgehogs and a plethora of insects in my tiny garden.

Quote to live by:

Quidquid agis prudenter agas et respice finem. This broadly means whatever you do, do it wisely and always consider the end.