Uma Saranya Kesavan

Senior Landscape Architect

Uma is a landscape architect and horticulture specialist. She studied in India, before gaining experience working on planting design and landscape projects, before coming to England to study for a masters degree in Landscape Architecture at the University of Gloucestershire. She loved the UK so much, she decided to stay and join our team. Uma loves being creative and paints in her spare time.

People in my hometown recognise me better as “artist” than by my name, as I used to win many art competitions when I was a kid. Someone even has a painting that I did for a competition framed in her house.

What’s a unique fact about you?
A unique fact about me is that, once I took a short walk on a highway which had no pedestrian footpath just to experience it. (Definitely not something to be tried). I have never seen either Ghostbusters or Star Wars. The team find this very strange.

Favourite building in the UK and why?
One of my favourite buildings in the UK is ‘The Shard’, as it offers amazing views from above and seems to disappear into the sky when seen from below.

Quote to live by:
‘What man is a man who does not make the world a better place?’ is one of my favourite quotes and that is what I work on.

How did you come up with your Node?
Inspired by masons’ marks, my ‘Node’ symbolises balance and stability.