Aravind Nair

Landscape Architect

Aravind believes that nature, as an element, should not be separated from the built environment, but rather should complement or, if necessary, merge into one. Aravind is an Architect and a Landscape Architect. He earned his bachelor’s degree in architecture in India and worked for about 5 years in landscape architecture projects across various regions before discovering his true calling and deciding to pursue his master’s degree in the same. He is currently pursuing his MA in Landscape Architecture at the University of Sheffield while also working part-time for Node.

Outside of his professional life, Aravind enjoys indulging in fitness activities including running, boxing, gym workouts, trekking or just taking a walk in the peaks.

Favourite city and why?

My favourite city in UK is Sheffield. I find Sheffield to be the right urban and rural landscape mix and perfect in size for walkability. Sheffield is also one of the greenest cities in the world. Closeness to Peak district, means a hop on the bus and in 20 min you are in the peaks which I find to be the best thing about living in Sheffield.

Favourite building in the UK and why?

From the few buildings I have visited in 2 years of UK life, my favourite building is the Arts tower, Sheffield where I could see the entire Sheffield city limits and even bits of the peak district from its 18th floor.

Quote to live by:

“Empty your mind, Be formless, Shapeless – Like water” by Bruce Lee. Stay flexible and no matter what obstacles come in way, we can always find a way through it is something I believe and live by.