Molson Coors: one of the foremost names in the global brewing industry


We were approached by Molson Coors to identify a new future for the South Brewery site in Burton upon Trent. The site, which is located within Station Street and Borough Road Conservation Area, is a hugely significant part of Burton’s historic development as a brewing town. Buildings and structures within the site play an important role in local legibility and character, and include a number of listed buildings. Node undertook a heritage assessment of the site and its context in full consultation with Historic England and East Staffordshire’s conservation officer, as a means of sensitively informing the development of a vision and principles for the site.


We identified a new vision for the site which included: ‘New life will be breathed into South Brewery, creating a vibrant and active mixed use quarter that respects the historic significance of this special site and contributes to the urban renaissance of Burton.’ 

We developed masterplan options which were market tested and refined to reflect an approach that would be attractive to the market and meet ESBC/Historic England’s requirements for the site. The site is to be marketed using this information (2019), giving potential buyers the knowledge that the approach has the support of key stakeholders.