Worcester City Council


Node and CBRE were commissioned to undertake an ambitious and deliverable masterplan for Worcester city centre to deliver Worcester City Council’s vision of being a ‘growing cosmopolitan cathedral and university city with unrivalled heritage.’ This commission drew on all three of our service areas of urban design, landscape and heritage and the process was informed and supported by a significant public and stakeholder engagement programme. The masterplan SPD included detailed heritage analysis, together with definition of character features including building heights, key views and an assessment of the existing quality of the built and landscape environment to inform sensitive city-wide proposals. The masterplan included a movement strategy for vehicles, public transport, pedestrians and cyclists.


Specific design guidance in the form of development briefs were provided for 12 opportunity sites across the city, informed by market assessment and accompanied by viability appraisals (provided by CBRE) to ensure that they are as deliverable, as they are ambitious and innovative.  The project is still in progress, with a final report to be issued in August 2018. Our collaborative approach has been well received by Worcester City Council, the stakeholder group and elected members.  Our meetings with landowners, businesses and investors in the city has helped establish viable development opportunities, which we will articulate further in an action plan for delivery of the masterplan.