City of Wolverhampton Council – large metropolitan council in West Midlands


We worked in collaboration with JMP Consultants and Placemarque, and extensively with the city council, key stakeholders and members of the public to ensure this was the strategy the city needs to unlock its full potential. Our skills in urban design, landscape and heritage proved invaluable in the creation of a holistic strategy.


We created a movement and public realm strategy for Wolverhampton City Centre that promotes pedestrian priority through high scale urban design, transport and wayfinding interventions across the area. Helping to connect current and future parts of the city centre and creating a legible and beautiful city centre that makes the most of its strong built heritage.
We want residents to feel proud of their city and we want visitors continue to return to Wolverhampton. This strategy has potential to transform the city into a place where people dwell and enjoy as well as prompting long-term investment into the capital of the Black Country.