Shropshire Housing Group – A combination of Meres and Mosses Housing Association and South Shropshire Housing Association

Radbrook Campus


Our design-led approach ensured the design of the scheme considered the character of the surrounding area as well as the site constraints and opportunities. This analysis helped us to identify four key design principles on which to progress a range of masterplan options.

Radbrook Campus


Our preferred design option took into consideration the need to create a residential development that had three distinctive character areas based on a formal arrival space at the front of the site, a woodland character area with lower density housing at the back of the site and a medium density character area in the centre of the site based on the concept of the village green.

Through our role as principal designer, we created an architect’s brief to ensure all future development on the site is of the highest quality and appropriate for the surrounding area. These dwellings will be homes that the people of Shrewsbury can be proud of.