Richborough Estates: a specialist residential land promoter based in the Midlands


Node were commissioned by strategic land promoter Richborough Estates to undertake a residential masterplan for a unique greenbelt site in Marlow in Buckinghamshire. The site was formed of two land parcels to the east and west of Oak Tree Road. The site included very steep changes in level within both parcels, requiring an entirely bespoke solution that responded sensitively to its existing topography.

Access to the site was also challenging due to the existing road standard of infrastructure, which limited the points of access into each parcel. A significant number of high quality trees were also recorded, together with a number of public rights of way around and within the site.


Our masterplan responded directly to the site’s unique and beautiful characteristics, retaining the mature landscape features, creating a range of landscape spaces and defining enhanced routes for the public rights of way through the site. 

As such, the level of residential accommodation proposed within the site was relatively low, in order to ensure that it could be provided in a way that would site naturally within its existing context. Our visuals showed how existing significant views would not be adversely affected. Our proposals were used to promote the opportunity associated with the site to the local plan site allocations document.