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Provision of an objective and clearly structured heritage impact assessment, with accompanying townscape visual impact assessment for Marlands Shopping Centre, a key location within Southampton, in the setting of a number of significant heritage assets, notably including its location adjacent to the grade II* listed civic centre. 

The planning proposal is for the reconfiguration of existing space, together with provision of additional storeys of student accommodation on the existing shopping centre, which is to remain in its existing use.  


We provided an objective baseline assessment of the existing context and followed a thorough approach (defined by Historic England and the Landscape Institute) to assess potential impact. We defined heritage sensitive design principles and worked with the architectural team to refine the scheme /mitigate impact. The HTVIA provided important guidance to the design process, in addition to providing a key document to engage with Southampton City Council and Historic England. Our work on the project demanded a thorough, objective and defensible methodology, which we have significant wider experience in, having undertaken a range of objective comparative assessments, including greenbelt appraisals.