We worked collaboratively as part of a wider design team to develop heritage, townscape and visually sensitive proposals for the enhancement of the Grosvenor Centre in Chester. The Grosvenor Centre is in a key city centre location, within a historic context of both national and international significance characterised by a significant range of building types, from defensive to domestic architecture; multiple identifiable phases of development from the Roman to  modern periods; surviving urban structure; and a clear sense of evolution. As such, it was essential to provide an objective heritage assessment, with accompanying townscape visual assessment to support the development of sensitive, evidence based architectural proposals.


We provided an objective baseline assessment of the existing context and followed a thorough approach (defined by Historic England and the Landscape Institute) to assess potential impact. We defined heritage sensitive design principles and worked with the architectural team to create and iteratively test design options. 

The HTVIA provided essential guidance to the design process, in addition to providing a key document to engage with Chester City Council and Historic England. Our work on the project demanded a thorough, objective and defensible methodology which provided a clear narrative for the resultant proposals.