Harrow School – An English independent school for boys



Harrow on the Hill is a highly significant area of London with a townscape densely packed with listed buildings, many of which are associated with our client, Harrow School. The public realm and streetscene, however, currently does not match the high standards created by the built form. We utilised our in house skills of urban design, landscape and heritage to undertake holistic area analysis in order to truly understand the way that Harrow on the Hill operates, its current limitations and the areas for improvement to ultimately create the high street that Harrow deserves.


Our detailed analysis allowed us to identify key areas of improvement and create a design which sought to create high quality spaces reflecting the historic character of the area, re-link the two halves of Harrow School that were visually and physically separated, create a pedestrian and cycle friendly environment ensuring the safety of pupils and residents and de-clutter and unify streetscene.