Happy New Year 2020!

The Node team are all already back at work and raring to go! We are excited about what the year ahead could have in store for us.

Our theme for 2020 is growth – of many kinds.

Business growth

Last year, we diversified our client base and project types across our service areas of urban design, landscape and heritage. We also seriously augmented our specific skillsets in 3D visualisation which has added further dimensions to our representations of design proposals.

We are again actively seeking business growth this year, both with our existing clients and reaching out to new clients and sectors. We are always looking to make new connections, so if you are interested to learn more about what we do, please get in touch with Katie or Nigel.

Team growth

We are delighted to announce the promotion of Alex Folliss to senior urban designer. Alex has increasingly taken a leadership role on urban design projects over the past year, bringing creativity and a practical, problem-solving attitude that makes him a joy to work with. We are proud to have him as part of our team.

After welcoming Mila and Kika in the latter part of 2019, we are looking forward to adding further to our growing team, including an early new appointment, Jack Hanson, who will be joining our heritage team in late January. We can’t wait to welcome Jack to our Birmingham office, although the football fans amongst us are hoping that he isn’t too smug about the exploits of his team, Man City…

We will be adding to the team throughout the year, so if you are an urban designer, landscape architect or heritage consultant that is interested in joining our team, please contact Katie with a CV.

Personal growth

We are an ambitious bunch and a few members of our team have some very specific goals for the year ahead – most of which will remain personal! Nigel is however, kicking off the year with a quickfire goal – to run a 5km Parkrun in February. Lucky for us, the canals around Birmingham are perfect for a lunchtime run! Nigel joins a number of the Node team in pursuing health and wellbeing goals whilst at work, including other runners, yogis and swimmers.

After the success of last year’s Three Peaks Challenge, we have also decided to take on another endurance challenge as a team. We are still debating our final choice, but the current frontrunner (or should that be walker…?) is the 100km London to Brighton challenge: walking through the day and night from city to beach. Whatever we choose, one thing’s for certain: flapjack is going to be involved!

…Vegetable growth?

Finally, we are looking at growth of a different kind… the edible kind! For Christmas, Nigel bought each member of the team a seed propagator, with a selection of fruit and vegetable seeds. As built and landscape environment designers, we are all aware of the multiple benefits of creating space for growing  and the importance of locally sourced produce – but this really is taking it to the next level! Being Nigel, of course this has to involve an element of competition, so expect updates throughout the year on our progress!

We are looking forward to a year of personal and collective growth and we hope that you are too. Best wishes from all of our team for 2020.