New Year is widely held as a powerful time of year for considering individual purpose and identifying areas of change for the better in our personal lives. But it is also a great chance for teams and businesses to reflect on their successes and identify areas for improvement for the forthcoming year. At Node, we are lucky to have a team that is committed to their ongoing personal and professional development, as well as their ability to contribute to our business and achieve our clients’ goals.

Here are our team’s top five New Year’s resolutions for 2019:

  1. Dream bigger

We will consider whether everything that we do fits with our four company values: Integrity, Proud, Supportive and Ambitious. This may require that we actively challenge our clients, collaborators and decision makers to dream bigger, push boundaries and reject standard solutions in pursuit of unique, people-focussed and place-specific results.

  1. Act sustainably

We are a carbon neutral business, through offsetting our carbon by tree planting. Rather than resting on our laurels (pun thoroughly intended!), we will continue to critically consider the carbon footprint of everything we do, from our choice of suppliers; questioning the need for printing and ensuring that we are recycling all that we can; to the way that we travel, choosing to utilise walking, bicycle and public transport over less sustainable modes.

  1. Find work: life balance

We are a busy and growing business with a team that loves what they do. This can undoubtedly lead to pressure points when it comes to achieving work: life balance. As a team, we will work to support one another to ensure that a harmonious balance is struck that allows a happy home life whilst achieving our work goals.

  1. Be more sociable

At Node, people are at the heart of all that we do, but when we are busy, it can be a challenge to find time to get out and meet people. As designers, there is a real risk of becoming remote from those that we are designing for. We resolve to get out more and engage with a broader range of people to ensure everything we do is truly representative.

  1. Seek inspiration in many forms

We will keep our eyes and minds open to new ideas through reading widely and travelling, allowing us to be continually inspired by best practice from the UK and around the world. We resolve that we will never stop learning.

The Node team would like to wish everyone a happy, healthy and adventurous 2019!